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All of our lamps are 100% hand made with custom finishes sure to compliment your rustic decor! Remember, if you don't think the colors or patterns pictured will work with your decor then let us design one just for you for no extra charge! 

Note: Shades are not included. 

Gen 2 Floor Lamps $ 295.00 
Dimensions: 48" to the top of the iron work 60"to the harp. 
Shipping based on 20-25 lbs.

Gen 2  Table Lamps $170.00
Dimensions: 16" to arch  (27" to harp)
Shipping based on 8-10 lbs.


Gen 1 Silhouette 
52"-57" $100.00
48"-53" $95.00
Shipping based on 6-10 lbs.

16" Silhouette $75.00
Shipping based on 8-10 lbs.

Click on the pictures to see the larger images.

I tried my best to capture the beauty of these heirlooms by moving it into different light but I am afraid the pictures do not do them justice. All of our table lamps can be made to match our floor models (or vice versa) or simply made as a stand alone product. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will get right on it! 

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deerlamp1.jpg (48719 bytes)

Gen 2 Deer Floor Lamp

deerlamp2.jpg (46558 bytes)

Gen 2 Deer Floor Lamp

deerlamp3.jpg (43511 bytes)


tbldeer3.jpg (65031 bytes)

 G2 Moose Table Lamp 


elklamp1.jpg (56434 bytes)


Gen 2 Elk Floor Lamp

elklamp2.jpg (97450 bytes)

 G2 Elk Floor Lamp Close-ups

elklamp4.jpg (45800 bytes)

tbldeer4.jpg (79528 bytes)

 G2 Moose Table Lamp 



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